D'Addario EXP Coated Loop End Mandolin Strings

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Daddario EXP mandolin

Phosphor bronze sets are $2.00 extra.

D'Addario's proprietary EXP coated strings now feature plain strings and hexagonal cores made of their own revolutionary NY High Carbon Steel.

Forged, drawn, and coated to deliver unprecedented strength and pitch stability, each EXP set maintains that familiar uncoated tone with a minimum of 4 times more life.

You won't believe they are coated!

D'Addario mandolin strings are trusted by legends like David Grisman, Ricky Skaggs, Ronnie McCoury, Doyle Lawson, Rhonda Vincent, Mike Marshall, Adam Steffey, and more, for their natural acoustic tone and reliable performance.

They are made from the highest quality plain steel, stainless steel, nickel plated steel, and phosphor bronze, and are available in a wide variety of gauges.