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Elixir Nanoweb Mandolin Strings

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Elixir Mandolin

These are loop end 80/20 bronze coated mandolin strings from Elixir.
Some of our most popular mandolin strings, these not only sound great, but that sound will last longer due to the protective coating, which means you need new strings less often and can play more!
The Nanoweb coated 80/20 strings deliver a nice bright consistent tone.

Gauges available:

Light Gauges: 010 014 024 034

Medium Gauges: 011 015 026 040

"Less fight I don't have to fight to slide. I don't have to fight to pick on the strings. It's just easier to play." Chris Thile.

**Any orders for Elixir Strings outside of North America will not be able to be fulfilled.  We apologize for any inconvenience. **