Sfarzo Touchtones Bass Guitar Strings; 50-130


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5-String set! 
Gauges: 50-70-85-105-130

Manufactured using a high quality core wire and strong wrap wire, they are assembled into a perfectly wound string. But first, the core wire is cryogenically frozen below -320 degrees fahrenheit before being slowly brought back up to room temperature. This process changes the molecular structure of the string - eliminating most of the impurities - resulting with a stronger metal alloy wire that's made for durability.

Cryogenic strings were introduced in the 1980’s, but Sfarzo has taken the process even further. Often mistaken to being just another string gimmick, cryogenically treated strings are metallurgically enhanced because the process helps to tighten the structure of the alloy. This results in a reduction of surface roughness and an increase in structural durability. Overall, one can enjoy an extended life expectancy and longer playing time with the Touchtones strings. Musicians will not only enjoy the strength of these strings, but also how they really hold their pitch for a clear sound that can be felt and heard.

Touchtones strings, and Sfarzo's other string products, are all made by their expert machinists on their own custom-made machines. The staff at Sfarzo Guitar String Company has over 75 years of collective string making experience.

Sfarzo Guitar String metal alloy combination choices, in conjunction with the best possible raw materials available, represent what they feel is a superior string product – and the favorite of professionals from all over the globe.


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