Curt Mangan Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

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CM PB Acoustic

Phosphor Bronze wound strings were introduced in the early Seventies and have become the most popular acoustic string.
Phosphor bronze wire is made from approximately 92% copper, 7% zinc and 1% phosphorous.
Phosphor Bronze provides nice highs and lows, as well as pleasant subtle overtones. Phosphorous is used to help reduce tarnish and corrosion.


Total Length: 43"

All Curt Mangan guitar strings are made with USA made wire.


Fusion Matched was intended to describe the proprietary thought process Curt Mangan Strings used to create the recipe for each and every single string gauge they offer which included the choice on wire maker, custom-built machines, core-to-wrap ratios and other key factors essential for the tone, intonation and longevity they wanted to obtain.
It truly represents the fusion between player, industry, and handmade production.

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