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GHS Super Steels Bass Guitar Strings; medium scale 44-106

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These are medium scale length strings-- 34.5" winding

Gauges: 44-63-84-106

When you don't just want to "sit in the mix" but carve a path through it, look to GHS Super Steels!
Stainless steel cover wrapped over a hex core wire brings a bright and snappy tone to your bass, without piercing or shrill overtones.
The low end is strong and well defined, down to the low B string, giving your bass a clarity that is unmatched.

Perfect for slappers, Super Steels work in nearly any situation when you want a bright, solid tone that lasts for a very long time.

“I can draw a bigger and more dynamic sound out of my bass by playing with a lighter touch, and I believe that my Signature Set of GHS Strings really helps me achieve a touch that will sound big, no matter what genre I’m playing.”
   -Evan Marien


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