Pyramid Monel Classics Electric Guitar Strings; 9-42

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Gauges: 9-12-16-22-32-42

Pyramid Monel Classics are the perfect strings if you're looking for an alternative to the wonderful sounds of pure nickel strings.  

Monel is less compressed sounding, has more Snap & Spank and imparts lovely upper midrange aspect that is incredibly musical. 
Relive those great tones of the Fifties & Sixties with “Monel Classics” that will take you into the 21st Century.

Like the Legendary “Pyramid Nickel Classics”, these feature wound strings of Monel Steel (67% pure nickel, 23% copper & 10% Iron
[= more energy]).
The Core wires and Plain strings are Silver Plated German Steel and should last 5-6 times longer than other brands.

Monel is a unique metal that bridges the gap between Pure Nickel and Nickel Plated wound strings. Until the early 70’s nearly everyone used either Pure Nickel Wrapped wound strings or Monel Wrapped wound strings. Sadly the trend went towards the much cheaper to produce Nickel Plated Steel wound strings and this trend went hand in hand with the use of Hex Core wire being used with this. These were done mainly to aid in streamlining production of guitar strings as the demand grew. Most companies forgot about Monel wire in the process.

Now, Pyramid Strings is proud to announce the return of a true Monel Wrap wound strings.

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