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Optima 24K Gold Electric Bass Guitar Strings - medium scale 45-100

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Talk about smooth...these strings are 24K gold coated and they look and sound fantastic.

These are medium scale bass strings!
Gauges: 45-60-80-100

24K gold coated guitar strings are insensitive to tarnishing or corrosion.  These strings will never rust and will last up to 3x longer than normal strings.
Also, they are perfect for people that have an allergy to nickel!  

Pick your gauge and try a set!

Developed and handmade in Germany from the finest materials and for highest tonal demands. This series reflects Optima's 90-year tradition of string manufacture. The result is a string of unmatched premium quality.   GOLD STRINGS are characterized by a brilliant sound and the typical SOUND OF GOLD, which was loved by John Entwistle. Brian May also uses these on his guitars 

Double-ball versions can be made on request, simply contact us HERE

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