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Core-Bond Technology Electric Guitar Strings; 10.5-46

Black Diamond

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Gauges: 10.5-13-17-26-36-46

Core-Bond Technology improves the core-to-wrap wired bond by using a specially patented formula & method for interfusing the core and wrap wire which minimizes galvanic corrosion and performance wear.  The results are durable, long lasting strings that are corrosion resistant, will not fray, and will retain exceptional tone -- with louder output and more sustain. 

  • Amazing sustain
  • High output
  • Exceptional tone
  • Balanced tension sets
  • VCI corrosion protection package


Tone loss is when the wrap and core coupling is compromised either through mechanical degradation from the vibration of the string or galvanic corrosion due to the dissimilar metals used in the manufacturing. 
Core-Bond ™️ addresses this issue by effectively "locking" the relationship of the core and wrap wire as "one". The buildup of dirt, skin cells, and acidic content in your hands get down between the windings and effectively dampens string tone as well as starts the corrosion process of the core wire. 
The string isn't mechanically dead, however, the tone is compromised until the strings are cleaned which can be a difficult process to complete. 

Some string companies coat the wrap wire and sometimes coat the whole outside of the string to address corrosion issues. However, a string with an outside coating may also dampen the true tone of the string as well as eventually fray off from normal playing. 

Coated strings will not prevent galvanic corrosion. A coated string can be breached by guitar picks and the frets on the neck. Acting like a file, will breach the coating and expose the wrap wire to corrosive elements. Cover coated strings may also dampen the true tone of the string design.

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