D'Addario Acoustic Quick Release Guitar Strap, Monterey design

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A perfect strap for your acoustic guitar-- no quick release needed, it's built into this one!

The Quick Release guitar strap allows the player to easily disengage from the guitar. Just squeeze the quick-release and you're free: no knots to struggle with and no need to drill a second strap button into your guitar. It won't come loose during play, and the extra length of the cord keeps the guitar strap from interfering with your hand when playing near the headstock. These durable straps are sure to accent any guitar and are adjustable from 35 inches to 59.5 inches long.


  • Monterey artwork
  • Adjustable from 35" to 59.5" long
  • Provides maximum comfort for standing situations
  • Quickly, easily, and safely disengage guitar


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