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D'Addario Rechargeable Eclipse Cello & Bass Tuner


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The Eclipse Rechargeable Cello & Bass Tuner offers fast, accurate tuning for unparalleled performance. This clip-on tuner pairs beautifully with lower-stringed instruments to offer fast, accurate chromatic tuning in a discreet, compact design. It features a full-color vertical display, auto power-off, and pitch calibration, with 24 hours of tuning per charge. The multi-swivel action allows for the perfect viewing angle when used with cello and double bass. For optimum accuracy, attach the tuner to the lower-strings side of the bridge while in use. 1 ft USB-C cable included for charging.

  • 24 hours of tuning per charge (USB cable included).
  • Optimized for the low frequencies of cello and bass.
  • Fast and accurate tuning.
  • Full-color, dual-swivel vertical display for the perfect viewing angle.
  • Tuner calibration from 430 to 450Hz.
  • PW-CT-28
  • UPC: 019954396466


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