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D'Addario XTC Classical Guitar Strings; hard tension


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D’Addario XT Classical strings combine premium, precisely intonating Pro-Arté trebles with D'Addario's proprietary Composite basses enhanced with their advanced corrosion resistance treatment to deliver dynamic response and enduring tone. Available in normal, hard, and extra-hard tensions. These strings are made to stay, with uncompromising performance that never fades away.

  • Gauges: 29-33-41-29w-36w-46w
  • XT Classical strings feature an advanced corrosion resistance treatment on every wound string in the set, preserving the natural tone and feel of uncoated strings.
  • XT Classical string sets utilize the proprietary Composite basses and the precisely intonated trebles of D’Addario’s legendary Pro-Arté strings, combining dynamic responsiveness with long-lasting performance.
  • The inner packaging features a re-sealable zip closure, for ease of opening as well as storage of unused strings.
  • Every set includes a Players Circle code for product identification, registration, and authentication. Players can collect points to get rewarded with D’Addario products and merchandise.



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