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D'Andrea Ace Vintage Re-issue Guitar Strap - Peace Dove Blue


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This cool vintage peace doves strap is a blue replica of the one used by Neil Young.  

The strap is 2.0" wide, equipped with leather ends and a comfortable stitched vinyl layer on the inside of the strap. 
Unlike many straps made today, these straps feature a metal adjustment buckle. These straps truly bring back the classic vibe!

During the Rock-and-Roll glory days of the '60's and '70s, Ace Guitar Straps were worn by many iconic artists of the time including Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Elvis Presley.

The design team at D'Andrea USA has gone to great lengths to replicate the Ace Strap designs seen in many historical photographs of the period.

"Let Your Freak Flag Fly" and hang your favorite guitar around your shoulder with an Ace Vintage Reissue Strap by D'Andrea USA.

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