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DR Dragon Skin+ Quantum NIckel Bass Guitar Strings; 40-120


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Dragon Skin+ strings sound huge, are easy to play, and have outstanding endurance. Packed with patented technology, Dragon Skin+ upgrades both the core and the wrap wires to be exceptionally musical, balanced, and loud.  Accurate Core Technology™ creates grooves on the core to cradle the wrap wire into place, allowing the strings to ring out to their full, blissful potential.  A micro-thin coating on the wrap wire provides long life while feeling like an uncoated string.  Designed to feel and sound better, Dragon Skin+ strings are unlike anything you’ve ever played.  The difference is real. 

  • Superior tone, feel and tuning stability from Accurate Core Technology™ 
  • Great resonance and extra-long life from micro-thin coating on wrap wire
  • Quantum Nickel for rich tone and high output
  • Warrantied against manufacturing defects
  • Scale Length: 37 3/4"
  • Material: K3 Clear Coated Quantum Nickel
  • Round Core Wire with Ball End
  • Gauges: 40-60-80-100-120

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  • Extra-long life, with a "chime" that exceeds an uncoated string

  • A GIANT sound with high output and full-bodied tone

  • Fine-tuned tension for optimal comfort and playability