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DR Red Devils Bass Guitar Strings


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These red guitar strings look as cool as they sound!

DR has been making color coated strings for a long time; they know what they're doing and these Red Devils™ prove it. 

RED DEVILS™ Red Colored Bass Strings aren’t for the timid! With round core wires and silver-plated steel wrap wires, their loud and aggressive sound compliments their vibrant color. All strings in the set are coated with a red-colored version of DR’s proprietary K3™coating, which delivers longevity, more projection, fewer unwanted overtones, and outstanding clarity and articulation.

  • K3™ Coating applied to the wrap wire is extra hard to maintain string brightness while extending life

  • The coating eliminates unwanted overtones, helping projection, clarity and articulation

  • The all-red color gives your instrument a distinctive and unique look

  • Ball end to taper: 37.74"
  • Round core