GHS Double Ball End Bass Guitar Strings; 40-102


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Gauges: 40-58-80-102
36" Winding

Featuring a stainless steel roundwound wrap over a steel core wire, these strings were designed to fit Steinberger basses and Steinberger-licensed instruments. This includes bass guitars such as Arbor, Burnside, Cort, Hohner, Lotus, Mach 1 and Status. The stainless steel roundwound wrap gives the set extra brightness, tonal clarity and sustain!

PLEASE NOTE! While these strings are designed to fit Steinberger basses, and Steinberger-licensed instruments, there is some variation on what was made in the past and what is made currently. It is imperative that you check the winding length of the strings currently on your bass to make sure that our 36" winding length (from inside of ball end to inside of ball end) will fit your instrument.

When you don't just want to "sit in the mix" but carve a path through it, look to GHS Super Steels! Stainless steel cover wrapped over a hex core wire brings a bright and snappy tone to your bass, without piercing or shrill overtones. The low end is strong and well defined, down to the low B string, giving your bass a clarity that is unmatched.

Perfect for slappers, Super Steels work in nearly any situation when you want a bright, solid tone that lasts for a very long time.


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