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Pyramid "Gold" Chrome Nickel Flatwound Bass Strings 45-105

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Gauges: 45-65-85-105

Discover why these strings are loved by so many players, these Pyramid Gold Chrome-Nickel Flatwound feel and sound amazing!

These are long scale bass guitar strings (86cm / 34").

Pyramid-Gold Chrome Nickel Flatwound sets for that old school sound of the 50s, 60s, and 70s!  
Fitting on vintage Hoffner and Framus basses, Fender Mustang and Musicmaster (short scale).
Select the medium scale for Gibson (medium scale) and long scale for Fender P and J-basses.

On the fretless bass, these strings deliver a double-bass-like sound.
For the modern five string bass,  a special order matching low B string can be added, as well as a high C for the 6-string bass.

Don't see the gauge you want?--> CONTACT US and we'll order it for you!

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