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RightOn! Mojo Daisy Red Guitar Strap


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Daisy Red
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If you're a rock and roll enthusiast and looking for a guitar strap that fits your unique style, look no further. We have the perfect padded guitar strap for you, with a bright red floral design that will make you stand out on any stage.

But not only is it visually appealing, it's also vegan-friendly, meaning that no animal materials are used in its production. Therefore, you can be sure that you're getting an ethical and animal-friendly guitar strap.

Our padded guitar strap with a bright red floral design is sturdy and durable, so you can be sure it'll withstand any type of use you give it. Additionally, its soft padding will provide you with the comfort you need to play for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Whether you're playing a live concert or just practicing at home, this guitar strap will allow you to move freely without worrying about it sliding or coming loose. It's designed to fit any type of guitar and is fully adjustable to fit your body.

So if you want to stand out at your next performance or just want a guitar strap that combines style and comfort, our padded guitar strap with a bright red floral design is the perfect choice.

  • Width: 2 3/8" (6cm)
  • Color: Black, Red
  • Material: Textile, Vegan, Leather
  • Adjustable Size: 39.5" - 57" (100cm - 145cm) 
  • Padding:Padding 5mm


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