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RightOn! Talisman Alien Red Guitar Strap


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Alien Red
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What a cool strap!! As the pictures show, alien scales work quite nicely on a guitar strap, who would've known?  We promise, no aliens were harmed in the making of these least none that deserved it.

This strap has been improved giving it a slight padding that makes it more comfortable ...A new concept in manufacturing with high quality materials and 100% free of animal parts, integrated pick holders on both ends and edging on the edges.

All straps in the TALISMAN Collection are SOFT, PORTABLE and COMFORTABLE.   
TALISMAN collection is a vegan collection, padded and with Tri-Glide adjustment system.
Each strap has one pick holder in each end of the strap.

  • Width: 2.36" (6cm)
  • Adjustable Length: 37.4" (95cm) - 59.06" (150cm)
  • Material: No leather used in this strap
  • Color: Red 
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