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Thomastik Infeld EB345 PowerBass Bass Strings 5-string set 47-119

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Gauges: 47-68-80-107-119

Nickel Plated Steel, Roundwound

Use this set for 34" scale length

Thomastik-Infeld EB345 Powerbass Roundwound Bass Guitar Strings have been redesigned for maximum clarity and maximum power in every note!

The combination of THOMASTIK-INFELD’s powerful Magnecore winding wrapped onto an extremely flexible steel hex core give this set unmatched clarity and transparency while maintaining maximum output. Carefully researched tension and gauging wound on microprocessor controlled machines ensure string to string balance. 

Thomastik-Infeld EB344 Powerbass Roundwound Bass Guitar Strings offer crisp, powerful tone with a round wound feel. The Power Bass Rock Series have been redesigned with a very thin, flexible steel hex core wrapped with a massive magnecore wrap wire that achieves maximum transparency with maximum output. Thomastik-Infeld researched gauging and tension to ensure balance in each string.