Thomastik-Infeld Plectrum Acoustic Guitar Strings


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Thomastik Infeld guitar strings are commonly considered the highest quality manufactured today.

Plectrum are soft sounding acoustic guitar strings with low tension on the bottom end.

The plain strings are brass coated steel and the wound strings have a silk inlay in combination with a highly flexible steel core.

The gauges and types of strings depend on the set:

AC110: 10p-13p-16flat-22flat-30flat-41round

AC111: 11p-14p-19flat-27flat-36flat-50round

AC112: 12p-15p-24flat-33round-44round-59round

Please note the AC112 set only contains one flatwound string (24 G).

For the AC110 and AC111, the A, D, G strings are polished bronze flatwound, Bass-E is polished bronze roundwound.

Try a set of Thomastik-Infelds today and you will see why they are famous worldwide.